I’m passionate about innovation and driven by impact.

I really enjoy working on cutting-edge projects and developing enabling new technologies in the hope that these will one day translate back to the real world and have a direct impact on our lives. I also enjoy being surrounded by brilliant people that share the vision of “technology for good” and I’m truly humbled by their support. Meanwhile, I’m excited by the ever-growing challenges I’m faced with as my career unfolds and keen to take them on.

My background is a bit like a pizza.

I Dr Shaifali Agarwal started my career from Gokuldas Hindu Girls Degree College Moradabad in the year 2003. I had completed my M.A. in 1997 and got gold medal from M.J.P.R.U Bareilly . I was honoured with Ph.D in 2002. I also completed Post Graduate Diploma in Vocational Guidance and Career Counselling in 2013 from Rajshree Tandon Open University .  I also completed M.B.A. Hospital Management in 2014 from Shobhit University Meerut. I had completed my Sangeet Visharad Vidhyalya Mumbai in 1995 and also completed her Prabhakar in Kathak Dance in 2009 from Prayag Samiti Allahabad.

 Presently working as assistant professor psychology department in Gokul Das Hindu Girls Degree College Moradabad. About 50 of her research papers have been published in many National and International research journals and proceeding books of seminar taken various guest lectures in reputed universities . She also edited two books and attended various workshops and is also running Mahesh Counselling Centre. She also worked as guest editors in two journals.

Influence and Trajectory

My BSc is in Mathematical Physics (University of Nottingham 2007), and my PhD in Applied Mathematics (University of Bristol 2011) supervised by Carl P. Dettmann. I then joined the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPI-PKS) in Dresden, Germany, as a Research Fellow where I worked primarily with Eduardo G. Altmann, Achilleas Lazarides, Josh Bodyfelt, and Arseni Gouessev on low dimensional quantum transport, diffusion and escape dynamics. In 2012, I moved back to Bristol to work at Toshiba's Telecommunications Research Laboratory as a Senior Research Engineer to work with Justin Coon with a focus on large-scale wireless networks.
In 2017, I joined Ultraleap Ltd (then known as Ultrahaptics), a spatial interaction and haptics company that uses focused ultrasound to deliver tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything. After establishing and growing their Academic Program, I was promoted to Director of Research and headed their research team comprising of approximately 10 PhD and Postdocs from varied backgrounds. In 2019, I was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to work on the development of energy-neutral wireless sensor networks at the University of Cyprus. Finally, since 2021, I am the Head of R&D Partnerships at Ultraleap where I coordinate all our external research activities and collaborations, including the H2020 funded projects Levitate, H-Reality, Touchless, and E-Textures, and the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership with UCL.

Expertise and Specialisations